Seismic News

The time has finally come…the seismic upgrade of the entire school and new construction of a library and three classrooms will be beginning at Montecito next week.  On Monday, Nov. 14th, fencing will be put up between the school and portables to block off a construction area.  We will be discussing safety at school on Monday but it would be very helpful if you could review these safety rules at home as well.  Students are going to be curious but everyone needs to stay well away from the construction site and fencing. 

We will have a link to Seismic News on our webpage and will also be creating a bulletin board outside the office with current and upcoming news and photos.  This will provide an opportunity for our students, staff and community members to see the various phases of development throughout the project.  Phase 1 will consist of work in the current library space and Ms. Nicoll/Ms. Manner’s classroom (Div. 7).  To accommodate this, Div. 3 will be moving out to Portable 3 and Div. 7 will be moving to Room 14 in the next few weeks.  We will be doing this with the least amount of disruption to students and staff as possible.

Should you have any concerns or questions at any time, please ask me.  The Site Superintendent and I will be meeting daily to ensure that safety is first and foremost and that the learning for your children continues to be a priority.


Heather Kimmie – Principal